Blue Sage Lane

Blue Sage Lane is a virtual place for women to share life’s journey and wisdom.

Blue– the color of sea and sky, feminine spirituality and freedom; symbolizing trust, faith, intelligence and hope; and producing a calming effect.

Sage– profound wisdom, a teacher or guru; an aromatic herb symbolizing healing and safety.  

 Lane– a narrow way or passage between two fences, hedges, walls, or houses; elicits a rural scene of walking each other serenely home protected on each side from outside distractions and forces.

My hope is that this will be a place of respite from negativity where women can encourage one another, learn and embrace wholeness. A safe place of sharing honestly from the heart, accepting imperfections but striving to become women of integrity and powerful role models for the next generation.

Katherine Leverence 

Blogger/Editorial Manager

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