just joy

Middle aged woman sitting in a rocking chair

I’ve been thinking a lot about the comment to my last post about Joy! and I love it so much. Don’t you think that accepting both/and instead of either/or generates a sense of peace and harmony? Do our minds just jump to a polarized, black and white view of things automatically and our spirits are the ones who have to rein in that response and attempt to see the nuances that pull us back to the middle ground? Peace is the next topic I want to explore and finding harmony, balance and peace rests on this idea that life is best lived in the ‘in-between’, the middle way, or at the foot of the cross. I’m really liking the exercise of sitting with discomfort but at the same time the very act of sitting in stillness with a recognition of the discomfort brings peace….peace that passes understanding because it is beyond my mind’s ability to rationalize and sort through it. I practice accepting what is and feeling the dichotomy while trying to hold a space for just breathing, just being, just joy. I think about the collusion of opposites like a candle in the night or the moon above the trees or a flashlight in a closet and how the very fact that they occur at the same time defines each of them against the other and gives a unique beauty, depth and hope. What do you think?



I love that I found a picture of a woman who fits the image of joy that Vabutsy describes in her comment.

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