Eating the Ugly Frog

I bought and read a book on my Kindle about procrastination titled “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy.

Tracy expands on a quote from Mark Twain as an analogy to conquering your biggest, most dreaded task (your ugliest frog) first as a way to help end procrastination. Starting a blog is my ugliest frog! It is the thing I think about everyday and yet fear the most. I am afraid of putting myself out there…i am a bit weird! I am afraid I will be rambling to no one….i require attention and praise. I am afraid it will suck me into a spinning time warp each day and spit me out hours later onto the kitchen floor beneath a sink full of dishes right as my husband walks in asking “what did you do today?” or “what’s for dinner?”

So, today I’m starting this blog and when I look up from the floor to answer the question I will proclaim “I ate the ugliest frog and you are on your own for dinner!”

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