This Perfect Moment: living in real time

My new mantra is ‘this perfect moment’.  One day last week I stepped outside to let the dogs out first thing in the morning and the whispering winds in the treetops, brilliant blue skies and streaks of bright sun streaming through the pines captured my attention. In that moment everything changed. I was overwhelmed by the gift of a perfect moment. I raised my hands and stood in mountain pose for a few deep breaths of gratitude to my Creator. In that moment of recognition it became a reality to me that all I have is this moment. How often do I take for granted perfect moments and allow thoughts of the past and future overwhelm me with anxiety, fear or regret. This isn’t a new idea and I’ve heard it and read it many times, but suddenly it became real. I started noticing times when thoughts would try to steal my attention away from the present moment. I decided to talk back and remind myself that all I have is this perfect moment and prevent myself from being carried away from it. Even in moments of hurt, sadness, fear or frustration, it is still a perfect moment if I stay in it, stay present. The only legitimate way to live my life is to stay focused on what is before me each day, each moment. If I can live like this in an appreciation for ‘this perfect moment’ regardless of what the moment contains I will limit regrets and accept the future as it unfolds in reality. This moment is all that is and it is perfect because it is present now. Anchor yourself in this perfect moment and cherish